Yang Jiew, Malaysia - Masters of Chiropractic

Yang Jiew, Masters of Chiropractic, Malaysia

Yang Jiew, Masters of Chiropractic, Malaysia

About me

Who am I and where am I from?
My name is Teo Yang Jiew and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What course am I studying?
Master of Chiropractic

How did I find out about the University of South Wales?
Through very extensive research to find the best university to study my course.

Why did I choose to study here?
First of all, this is one of 2 universities that offer chiropractic to international students in the UK. The qualifications I will get upon graduation is recognized by the General Council of Chiropractic (GCC) and the European Council of Chiropractic Education (ECCE). This allows me to have the luxury to take my career to wherever I want.
Also, the tuition fees and living cost is considerably lower compared to many other places.

About the University of South Wales

Tell us about the course you are studying and how you find the lectures?
Chiropractic is a health profession that deals with spinal manipulation and musculoskeletal problems. We are trained to provide the best spinal care to the patients and also give relevant health advices to them. We are bombarded with mountain loads of information everyday so that we are well-informed academically and practically. This is to prepare us to identify the different types of problems and diseases when patients comes through the clinic doors and how we can help them.

Tell us a bit more about studying at the University, what is it like?
I am based in the Treforest campus, thus the environment is rather quiet. It took me a little time to get used to, having been born and raised in a place where the culture is totally different. The tranquility allows students to focus on studies, as there are very minimal distractions.

Did you attend the International Welcome Week? If you did, would you recommend it to new students?
I was only able to attend the first and final day but wish I had been able to attend the whole week because they offer trips to places for a very small fee, which otherwise could be quite costly and troublesome to travel to. Yes, I do recommend it to those who are keen on witnessing the cultural diversity that Wales has to offer.

What are the facilities like at the University?
The library is now 24/7 so students can borrow books and/or study there as long as they want. The campus gym is also relatively low cost and more convenient. What I like most is the Meeting House. They often host events such as open mic nights and quiz nights. Also, students are welcome to go there and just chill, study, or even play games and instruments there.

What have you enjoyed the most (Lecture, project, trip, particular moment etc)?
Academically speaking, I enjoy my chiropractic practical the most as it is hands-on and that always reminds me of why I do this course.

About the studying in the UK

What’s the most useful thing you have learnt?
COOKING. The only thing I knew how to do before coming to the UK was boiling water. Now I can cook simple dishes that taste quite good (good to me anyway!). And I’ve master the art of online grocery shopping.

What is the biggest difference between life in the UK and back home?
Open-minded, always embrace diversity rather than sticking to your own kind as you will get to learn different things from them and so will they from you. People here are very accepting in terms of religion, race and culture. I appreciate the transparency here too and everyone is equal in opportunities.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to study in the UK?
Learn how to cook at least 3 dishes before you come so you can alternate them everyday before you learn a new dish!

Life outside the University

What do you do in your spare time? Have you joined any sports or social clubs?
This is a little embarrassing but I admit I enjoy watching American series during my free time but I also type up some notes from lectures. As cooking is now my new hobby, I look for recipes that are not too challenging and try to cook them as best as I can. I am also part of the swimming team.

What has been the social highlight or highlights?
I was selected to represent the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) to attend a conference in Spain during my first year and that was a major highlight as I have never been to Spain before (nor any other European countries besides landing in London and studying in Wales). Studying in the UK has its advantages as travelling around the European countries becomes cheaper.

Some general questions

How have you surprised yourself? For example, did you turn out to be really good at something you didn’t expect to be?
Well….cooking hahaha I remember my first meal in halls that I cooked was just boiled rice, an unsuccessful fried egg and some lettuce that was overly salty. I can say I’ve come a long way since then.

Tell us something that you think would be useful for prospective students to know?
Do not be afraid to approach members of staff as they are readily there to help you. Asking questions is bound to get you somewhere, but remaining silent won’t.

What will you miss the most about University when your course finishes?
The friends that I made here, and the comfort of still having the lecturers and tutors to guide me. The meeting house too!

What has University taught you?
University has taught me to be independent, make my own choices, and don’t be afraid to try new things as you may surprise yourself. On top of that, stand up for yourself when you need to, and graciously accept criticism if they’re helpful.

What are your aspirations? What would you like to do when you finish your studies?
Ideally, I would like to work in the UK, gain more experience in my field as well as learning complementary techniques to enhance my skills to help more people. I would also like to travel and see more parts of the world.