Vinko Jezercic studying Mechanical Engineering

Vinko Jezercic

Vinko Jezercic

Vinko Jezercic, from Zagreb in Croatia, is in the third year of the MEng Mechanical Engineering degree at USW.

Why did you choose to study Mechanical Engineering?
I would like to work in a motorsport team, ideally as a design engineer, so a qualification in Mechanical Engineering will allow me to have a deep understanding of how to design a car to give the best performance. I chose to come to USW because I really liked the location and the fact that the facilities had been renewed recently. A good pedigree in Mechanical Engineering also helped.

What have been the most valuable aspects of the course so far?
The most valuable aspect has been taking part in the Formula Student project at USW where students design a single seat racing car and compete at Silverstone against other universities from around the world. Another valuable aspect will be my final year project, which is based on racing car aerodynamics design, which I am able to do thanks to a high level of staff expertise in this subject area.

What have you enjoyed the most about the course?
I have met new friends who all share a similar interest, and I have enjoyed developing myself as an engineer and gaining a deeper understanding of topics that have always interested me.

Tell us about your favourite project or practical session
Apart from Formula Student, my favourite project has been the second year group project where we developed a design concept for a small interplanetary rover – like NASA’s Curiosity but smaller and obviously simpler. I have a feeling though, that this is about to change because the projects and practicals in third year sound really exciting!

Would you recommend the course?
Yes, I would recommend my course to anyone who is interested in how technology works and anyone who is interested in developing the tech of the future. Anyone who is creative and curious but also has an affinity for mathematics and science should consider a career in Mechanical Engineering.