Trịnh Thành Trung

Profile Photo - Trinh Thanh Trung Vietnam

Profile Photo - Trinh Thanh Trung Vietnam

I have been studying MSc Intelligent Computer Games Development at the University of Glamorgan for the last two months. Ever since I was in high school, participating in a career in computer games development has always been my biggest dream, and this seems to be the key to the door of my dream. I seriously considered courses offered by many different universities, and after the time I have already spent here, I can say that I have made the right decision.

The university is located in a peaceful town in Wales in the UK. Before I arrived, I had heard many people talk about the terrible weather in the UK. The fact is, on the contrary, it is quite pleasant compared to the harsh environment in Vietnam. The only thing people should expect is that they should always bring an umbrella, as it may rain at any time! However, it’s generally only drizzle, not strong showers like we have in our country. So far I haven’t had have any serious problems with the cold weather. I have found the unpredictable weather and very high temperatures in Vietnam had caused me much more trouble! The people here are really nice. They are always polite and caring, and they are eager to help you if you have any trouble.

Studying at the university is possibly the best choice I have ever made. The United Kingdom is well-known for its wonderful education systems and IT in particular. Every module I have enrolled on is really interesting and innovative – I am studying subjects which I would not have had a chance to study in my country. The lecturers have strong professional experience and teaching skills. Unlike our lectures in our Vietnam, the lecturers here are really friendly towards students. If you have any problem, you can contact your lecturers to solve that problem together. In fact, you really should approach them if you don’t want to get behind, because the course is really challenging. I personally think it is a reasonable trade-off for the sheer amount of knowledge you learn; however you should be well-prepared.

In terms of facilities, I have nothing to worry about. The University of Glamorgan has everything I need, from a place for self-study to a well-equipped library. I have access to the Wi-Fi network all over the university campus and the Internet speed in the computer labs is great. I particularly love the gaming lab. It has many incredibly strong computers with very high specifications and modern equipment.

I have a strong belief in my future career thanks to everything I have studied so far. Right now, I am happy with my life and studying at Glamorgan.