Thuy Linh Nguyen - MSc Marketing

Profile Photo - Thuy Linh Nguyen Vietnam

Profile Photo - Thuy Linh Nguyen Vietnam

Since I was still a little girl and watched a movie about a shopping mall and its problem around marketing activities, I immediately knew that I wanted a career in Marketing. After finishing my Marketing Bachelor last year, I continued chasing my dream by enrolling onto the MSc Marketing programme with hope that I will earn more knowledge and experience in the field. Moreover, the Msc course in the University is especially designed for helping students to keep up-to-date with current affairs and introducing interesting modules such as New Media Communication and Trends in Marketing. I’m reaching the end of the journey now and I have been so happy during my time studying. With the extensive knowledge gained and updated experience, I’m confident that I can become a professional marketer in the near future, and become closer to my dream career.

There are hundreds of universities in the UK and I was so confused when I had to choose a school for arrival. I came up with University of South Wales for three reasons. First of all, there are not many Vietnamese students; it means I would have excellent chances to learn English with the local people and exchange cultures with the international students. Secondly, I learnt that the campuses were extremely safe and the services offered meant that it was very easy for international students to integrate given that there is International Welcome Week and a Meet and Great Service available when students arrive in the UK. Finally, people said that Wales is an exceptionally friendly place, and now I know they’re definitely right. Teachers and staff in the university are really helpful when they give me advice.

The University of South Wales has been a perfect learning environment for me as well a fantastic for me socially. My English has improved enormously plus international students have been able to share different cultures and it’s great to learn about Hindu festivals, the Muslim religion as well as colourful Brazilian dances. And if you wonder about umbrellas and the weather like I did, the answer is “Yes!“, you should always bring an umbrella. It has been a wonderful summer so far with temperatures hitting 28-30 degrees but be ready for the rain in the autumn. Nobody knows what the future will bring, so be brave, confident and keep moving forward.

Wish you guys lots of success with USW. Love you all my next Vietnamese fellows!