Thaisa Cardoso Lacerda, BSc Software Engineering, from Florianópolis (Science without Borders)

Thaisa Cardoso Lacerda, Brazil

Thaisa Cardoso Lacerda, Brazil

I chose the University of South Wales because it offer a wide range of academic qualifications in the area of Computer Science, which allowed me to choose the ideal course to help me develop the professional skills I desire.

I live in the accommodation halls on the Trefforest campus. Trefforest is a quiet place surrounded by nature but at the same time it is really close to the capital city of Wales, Cardiff which has all the facilities of a big city. The Treforest campus has nice accommodation, places to practice sports, plenty of leisure facilities, and a health centre, therefore, USW offers all the support that a student needs to complete their studies. My flat was recently all refurbished, my bedroom is comfortable and I have my own bathroom.

In Brazil I study Computer Science, but as I have an interest to widen my knowledge of software engineering I choose a course specifically about this topic.
During the classes, I am glad to have motivated lectures that are interested in making me feel comfortable and helping me in whatever way they can.

One of my favourite activities here until now was the international welcome programme, in which the university organized tours to know some local tourist attractions which allowed me to meet with students from different parts of the world. As an extracurricular activity, I also enjoy the volleyball club, where I can meet nice people, practice a sport and more than this, make trips to other cities.