Sofia Raj, MSc Global Governance, graduated 2016

Sofia Raj

Sofia Raj

How did you hear about USW?
I first heard about the University of South Wales through my father who is an educational consultant (KCR Consultants) and had been sending many students to the university for bachelor and masters degrees.

Why MSc Global Governance?
When I had finished my bachelor degree in commerce, I was looking for a course that would be a little off beat but at the same time a serious one as well as something that I would enjoy learning as a whole.

During my research for the course, I had looked at various and rather fantastic courses in Sweden and Finland, but due to the extreme weather conditions I had to drop the plan. At the same time I came to know about the MSc Global Governance course being introduced in September 2015. My father informed me about it and I went through the course webpage. I was fascinated and interested in the course as soon as I went through the page.

What was highlight of your studies?
The highlight of this course for me will be the fact that we got a chance of having master classes from people who are excelling in their field of work. I gained so much knowledge from all these brilliant people. Also, the various study trips that were arranged enhanced our learning experience. All my fellow students made it a wonderful experience.

What was your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement will definitely be writing the dissertation of 20,000 words which looked absolutely impossible to me at the beginning. I’m glad I got the opportunity to do this as it was in itself a learning experience. The fantastic support from the lecturers made this easier. I also like the fact that we were assessed on course work instead of exams. This course has been life changing as I have learned subjects that I never thought I would and this has only made me more knowledgeable.

What do you miss the most about Wales?
The thing I miss most about Wales is the beautiful country side where I was fortunate enough to have spent my one year, thanks to the lovely host family. I lived with a Welsh family in Dinas Powys in Wales. I would recommend that to everybody as that helps you connect locally and you get to know so much more about the country. They always included me in all of their little celebrations and in their family, and it will be a relationship I will always cherish for a lifetime.

Initially, it was a little difficult for me to settle into life in Wales as I had never stayed away from my family and I was really homesick. The culture in Wales is very different from Wales but as days went by, my host family as well as friends helped me settle in. I also started exploring the city, which left me amazed every single time.

I had the most wonderful experience at USW and this has been my best year so far. I would definitely recommend it to many students in the future. I cherish every moment spent on campus and in Wales. And I can’t wait to come back soon.