Sabriya Naamani

Profile Photo - Sabriya Naamani Oman

Profile Photo - Sabriya Naamani Oman

Hello everyone.

I’m Sabriya Naamani, currently doing a master’s degree in International Career Education and Guidance. Although that may sound like a big and scary title, in simple words it just means that I will be qualified to guide and assist people on finding the right career path if and when they seek my help.

I love every bit of my course so far. We are a few students therefore our lecturers know us very well and give us individual attention which is a very big help. What I enjoy most and feel that is of great value is that fact that the university allows us to go on placements. This means that for a few weeks during the academic year, we are sent to work in different places in relation to our course. We feel the work atmosphere and test if that is what we really want to do in future. Due to this exposure I have grown much more confident in myself and in my abilities.

Not only are the people in Glamorgan very friendly, but the general public in Wales show a great sense of hospitality. Never have I felt at home like I did when I first got here. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. From the ticket officers on the train who guided me on where I should get off, to the person who sat next to me on the train showing me where the cheap shopping areas for students were, to the kind lady at the local pub who knew I was muslim and never gave me pork or alcohol, to the staff at the accommodations who work 24 hours a day to make sure we are all safe and secure.

This is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone who would like to study in the UK. A quiet area perfect for studying, gives you a clear mind to work with but also gives you a fast pace and lively city to go to when wanting a change.

I love it, I absolutely love it.