Roald Dorantes, BSc (Hons) Sound Technology

Roald Dorantes, Mexico

Roald Dorantes, Mexico

Why did you choose this course?
I love music and I became very interested in recording, mixing and producing whilst I was doing the 'Preparatoria’.

Why did you choose USW?
Because I wanted to do a degree in the UK, and Wales sounded like a good option. It was.

What do you think about your campus location?
Perfect. It’s in the city centre of Cardiff near all city facilities, the shop centre, banks, markets, the castle, etc.

What do you think about the teaching staff on your course?
Very friendly. Sympathetic. Always ready to support us as students. They teach with smile on their faces and show patience when listening and explaining something.

What do you think about the facilities available to you during your course?
They are great. The software on computers for sound technicians and musicians run as fast as you would expect. There are many studios with audient desks and live rooms with a great view to the city.

Are you happy with the support available to you?
Yes, the 'advice shop’ helped me when I first started as I was not very confident with my writing skills. They checked on my essay writing (grammar, spelling, etc).

Where do you live during term time?
In a shared house.

How easy was it to find accommodation?
Easier that it appears. I went to an agency and explained that I wanted to live somewhere close to the Atrium, they got me a really good house

Do you like your Accommodation?
Yes, in my first year I lived with five students. Then I moved to live with two mature students, which is quite peaceful and silent. I totally appreciate that, especially for focusing on reading and writing during busy periods and when deadlines are approaching.

What has been your best experience at USW so far?
Recording and mixing on the studios with other people.

How do you think your experience studying at USW will help you after you have graduated?
Thank to the teachers’ support and the training we get, I realise I have gained confidence to use sound software and the studios.

What advice would you give to any students who are thinking of studying at USW?
To go for it. It is an unique experience and Cardiff is such a nice place to live in.