Rashida Nabulime

Rashida Nabulime, a 22 year old, Commonwealth Scholar from Uganda, is studying the MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Faculty of Business and Society.

Rashida said: “When I came here I thought I would never crack it, but I have. I expected the course to be difficult due to my different previous learning experiences, and the fact that it is a Masters degree after all, but the lecturers have been great, willing to help and very approachable.

I have particuarly enjoyed meeting people on the course, every character I meet stays in my mind. I think my studies at the University have changed my perceptions on the world, I used to have the mentality that everything is black or white but I now appreciate that you need to consider an issue from every angle, it is rarely straightforward there is always a grey area.”

Rashida will soon return to Uganda and plans to become a consultant, she would like to face a different challenge and a different project every day, she said:

“I would like to give back the same element of kindness I have received, my ideal job would be working for a charity or a Non Governmental Organisation.”