Pranavindra Lal - BA (Hons) Music Technology

Pranavindra Lal from New Delhi, India studying BA (Hons) Music Technology

Pranavindra Lal from New Delhi, India studying BA (Hons) Music Technology

I always knew that I wanted to study in the UK, since I’d visited the UK in the past, and my father had also trained here, so I was aware of the quality of education in this country. When it came to choosing the most appropriate course, I shortlisted the top institutions providing music technology but after visiting the Faculty of Creative Industries at the University of South Wales, and saw first-hand the top class facilities here, my choice became clear – I was instantly fascinated!

I have settled in very well into University life and in to the city of Cardiff. The staff have made the whole process as smooth as possible for me. Cardiff has surprised me by having facilities you would typically find in any big city but the space and warmth of a close-knitted town. Living in the city centre, the social life can be very well managed with your time table. The whole city centre can be covered on foot (which I do regularly also). However, I have also found Wales to be interesting, in that the terrain and climate is similar to where my family is from originally in India, the foothills of the Himalayas – Wales has a close connection with nature; the air is clean, the water tastes better and people are very straight up and honest which makes me happy to be a part of this part of the world.

I’ve also found it very easy to make friends, particularly with people who have similar professional interests to me, but have come from a different background, so we enjoy sharing opinions. My best experience was when I played guitar and sang at an open mic night at a local pub in Roath (a district of Cardiff) in the week before my course had even started. I was a complete stranger here, but I liked how people accepted me as a performer and I got a great response from the crowd. I was able to network after the gig and got many more opportunities in the city.

I think University of South Wales’s Cardiff Campus for the Creative Industries is the best suited for students who intend to master the theory and practical aspects of their creative art. The campus is most modern in terms of the technology and equipment and provides a ‘holisitic’ training and opportunity for students to enter a technical career or a performance based career. I would strongly advise international students to choose USW and the Creative Industries course as it gives them the right training, education, opportunity and experience to excel.

In India, many students struggle to find university music programmes, and I have heard many stories of people who have had frustrations in gaining entry on to courses in India due to lack of opportunities for the right kind of music technology course, or lack of finances. Having seen the quality of what the Faculty of Creative Industries has to offer, I would love to establish a similar institution in India, for students from South East Asia. It is also my ambition to excel as a music performer, using my knowledge of music technology to support this, and I feel I am taking the right steps to achieve this.