Paul Morrissey

“After arriving at the Treforest Campus on a Sunday, with no place to live, and a lot of uncertainty, I was welcomed by wonderful staff who immediately helped me resolve my concerns and feel comfortable. Accommodation Services helped arrange appointments with local landlords and I had a home by the end of the day on Monday. I have not met any staff members, in any area, who are not truly passionate about their job and it makes the University of South Wales special.

The Treforest Campus is surrounded by beautiful lush green hills and it is growing rapidly. There have been major investments to expand the campus and buildings are appearing quickly. I cannot wait to experience the new Students’ Union and Athletic Complex!

I am pleased to have the opportunity to study at USW for my BA in Business Excellence and then my Masters in Management. This is a unique programme that allows college graduates from Canada to come into their final year of a BA and study a Masters programme the following year, for a combined price. I realised this was an opportunity to further my education in a relatively short period of time at a reasonable price.

I was very impressed by the quality of the curriculum on my course. It was very challenging and presented the newest concepts and theories in the business field. Course material is put into context with the current business market to help students with its practical application. Entering into the final year of a BA gave me an opportunity to adjust to the differences in academic delivery from college to university. I am confident that next year I will be able to maximise my learning experiences on the Masters programme.

The University of South Wales has a huge international student population. It gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience different cultures, make new friends and gain a firsthand international perspective on your studies.

Besides my positive academic and social experiences, I was able to participate on the University of South Wales Rugby Union team. This was an amazing experience that helped me develop my game and experience a high level of camaraderie among teammates.

Wales has an interesting culture. The people are friendly and helpful. I explored what is described as the “land of castles” on a trip to North Wales and was surprised by the breathtaking landscapes. Cardiff is a diverse city that comes alive with international rugby. In the spring months, I have travelled with friends to study at the beach where surfing is the sport of choice!

My experiences at the University of South Wales over the past year have been so memorable. I am confident the education I receive here will accelerate me towards my career goals in the future. I highly recommend USW to any international student.”