Olivia Jane Photiou, BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences (from Limassol, Cyprus)

Olivia Jane Photiou, BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences (from Limassol, Cyprus)

Olivia Jane Photiou, BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences (from Limassol, Cyprus)

I am currently studying Medical Sciences and I enrolled in 2015.

My dream has always been to study Medicine. However, not everything goes as planned and I was left hopeless as I had no idea how I was going to achieve my goal.

USW has given me the opportunity to study BSc (Hons) Medical Science which is designed to provide you with the ability to apply to Medical school as a graduate student.

I love the course and it is everything I expected it to be! The lecturers deliver comprehensive lectures on a daily basis enhancing my knowledge in the field that I love. Although the course can be very demanding it gives you an insight to what is expected by you in the future as a medical student.

The lecturers and most importantly, the course leader of this degree, are always there to aid you with any outstanding questions and troubles you may have. For someone who has moved to a new country, support and understanding is key.

I have accomplished a lot since being here but completing my placement week at Prince Charles Hospital in the A&E department has to be my greatest accomplishment.

In my first year I lived in halls where I made very close friends that I will probably have for life. I am currently living in a house now in Trefforest and it is amazing. Prices for rent are very reasonable and necessities you may require are all near. You may find it quiet though at times so you can visit Cardiff at any time and it is only twenty minutes away by train.

Since living in the UK I have had the opportunity to travel to many areas such as London, Swansea, Bristol and North Wales visiting family and friends, discovering what the UK has to offer.

At USW you will have an awesome student life experience while also teaching you the key skills in your chosen field of study to go out into the world and make a success of yourself!

To find out more about studying BSc (Hons) Medical Science at USW this September, get in contact with our EU Team at europe@southwales.ac.uk