Oda Pedersen, MChiro, Norway

Oda Pederson, Norway

Oda Pederson, Norway

Why did you choose this course?

The reason I chose to study chiropractic was initially related to the application it had towards sports injuries. I have always been very active, especially in sports such as football, handball, volleyball, skiing and sprinting. This made me not only interested in the human body but also its function. Furthermore, it gave me an insight into why injuries occur and the way the body adapts to them.

My friends and fellow team players had previously been injured and the response they had to chiropractic treatment was phenomenal. When I heard about local chiropractors and some of the work they were doing on various injuries, I was very interested in helping people in the same way.
I always wanted to work in the health sector as helping people in pain was something I wanted to do. I knew that through chiropractic I could achieve this and would enjoy doing it at the same time.

When I studied a foundation medical year in Norway at Bjørknes College I got new motivation towards the subject and I also met other students that wanted to study chiropractic. Their experiences with chiropractic further increased my fascination with the profession and I decided to apply for chiropractic.

Why the University of South Wales?

There were multiple factors that made me choose South Wales University. Currently, there is no chiropractic education in Norway so I had to study abroad. This appealed to me as this was something that I had always wanted to do. I wanted a new experience in a new place, however I didn`t want to go too far away from home. This made The University of South Wales a good option. Furthermore The University was recommended highly at Bjørknes College. The application process was fast, simple and easy to follow and the University was very helpful with any question or queries I had. Also, the university had a high focus on international students and as this was the first time I was going to be living abroad, the university sounded very inviting.

Another important reason why I choose the University was because the module descriptors, titles such as physiology, pathology, neurophysiology, radiology, chiropractic technique, biomechanics and pharmacology all seemed very fascinating and it was exactly what I wanted to go through in my study.

What’s been the most exciting part of the course so far?

The most exciting aspect is the unique nature of every part of the course. Every day I was learning something new that was interesting and surprising at the same time. For example, trips to cadaver labs in Bristol and learning about the chiropractic skills and history. Also, in third year we were learning how to take X-rays and Diagnose from them.
However, so far the most exciting part has most definitely been the final year. Here I have been able to apply all of my knowledge over the previous year’s to treat and help real patients to get better and really have an impact on their life.

Leisure activities?

The University has a wide variety of student societies, clubs, activities and sports activities. There is something for everyone. I had an amazing time playing for the University Volleyball team where there was an amazing social environment. Also Cardiff city is only 25 minutes away on the train and the Brecon Beacon national park is only a short drive away. This really appealed to me as I like to go walking and cycling.

Tell us about the lecturers

Being an international student, I found it a little difficult to follow some of the lectures in the first couple of weeks. However, this soon got easier, and the staff were more than happy to explain something I didn’t quite understand.

The lecturers at the University are of a high standard, very knowledgeable and experienced, making it enjoyable to learn. The lectures are in depth, fascinating, challenging and rewarding with a high standard of up to date knowledge. The modules were very interesting and the variety of the different modules kept my attention from beginning to end.

Furthermore, a high percentage of the classes are practical based. These gives you an opportunity to corporate what you have learnt from the teachers in to a practical setting, especially if your leering is very practically orientated. This provides me with opportunities to get hands on experience to adequately prepare me for my final year.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I haven’t decided whether or not I want to stay in the UK or go back to Norway yet. I would love to spend a couple of more years abroad before I go back to Norway and with the chiropractic degree; there are so many opportunities to do so. I also want to continue to improve knowledge and skills through postgraduate courses and specialize in certain areas as there are many aspects to chiropractic that I would like to explore.

Any advice to those thinking about studying this course at the University of South Wales?
Be committed, the course and the aspects to it are amazing, but only if you are willing to put the work in. The degree is challenging at times but the end result is so rewarding. The fact that you can see how what you are doing is impacting someone else’s life is an amazing feeling, only something you can experience for yourself.