Narkess Aralova

I was working in Cardiff during my summer break, my Polish friends who were studying at the University of Glamorgan told me many good things about the university and this encouraged me to apply for a BA in Marketing.

One of the best things about the university, is everything is situated in close proximity to each other, so you don’t need to waste time or money travelling between places. Everything is on campus, so you can go to lectures, work in the Learning Resource Centre, socialize with friends in the cafes or play sports, all in the same place.

The teaching staff at the University of Glamorgan have been very helpful towards me and are always open for me to go and talk to them. Also, the University has excellent facilities; the computer laboratory is well-equipped and is open all hours for students to work in.

I like that fact that there are many international students studying here, the integration between us is very good and I don’t feel like the only overseas student at the University.

I would encourage international students to come to the University of Glamorgan and enjoy it, it is a big step to come to another country to study, but it is a good step for your career because an education from the UK is recognised world-wide