Misha Denise Virtudazo

Profile Photo - Misha Denise Virtudazo Philippines

Profile Photo - Misha Denise Virtudazo Philippines

Why did you choose this course?
It has always been my desire to work in the field of human care. As a graduate of Nursing in the Philippines, I thought to myself that a Bachelor’s degree cannot seem to suffice my thirst for knowledge and learning. I usually have the feeling of challenging any clinical practice and information I come across.
This course offers modules that would help me support my own professional practice in relation to evidence-based practice and modernisation agenda.

Why the University of South Wales?
As an international student, I should make sure that I enter an environment where I can feel safe and at home. Upon searching for a school to pursue my postgraduate studies, I’ve found that the University of South Wales was distinguished for commendable student support. The university ensures that students are assisted in every way for us to adapt to UK life easily. All sorts of support is offered, may it be educational (Drop-in Centre), financial, social (Student Union) and spiritual. Moreover, as a nurse in my country, I look forward to get onto the UK NMC register. I saw that the Overseas Nursing Programme is already embedded in the course and that they provide assistance in the ONP adaptation at hospitals.

What’s been the most exciting part of the course so far?
I’ve always looked forward to deepen my knowledge about the human body and its physiology. The course I took offers the module Advance Life Sciences, a subject that teaches medical practitioners the complexity of the functions of human body. In addition, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to take this module as this is only offered to qualified professionals. I may be able to use this soon when I’m about to work in a hospital.

Leisure Activities
As a believer of the saying “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”, I always see to it that I balance academics and extra-curricular activities. A year is quite short and very busy for a full time post-graduate student like me. However, the Student Union of the school offers leisure activities for all. For us women, they have the salon that can comfort us during stressful bad hair days while men may enjoy the sports gym and the bar. Movies, billiards, night parties and other recreational events are offered as well throughout the year.

Tell us about the lecturers
It may be intimidating at first, but truthfully, I can say that the lecturers value their students very much. Supervision is available at all times, may it be personal or through email. Furthermore, it is really impressive because all the lecturers are with professional distinctions – Masters or Doctoral Degree.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?
Well, it has been my dream to work as a nurse specialist in a hospital anywhere here in UK. I may pursue more post graduate degrees and be a doctor of my profession if given a chance.

Any advice to those thinking about studying this course at the University of South Wales?
To study a Masters degree in UK may be a shock to most, especially to international students. But, a combination of determination, passion and the right attitude will help you to get into what you want to be. You may feel inferior at times, but the university has the right facility to help you get through whatever.