Meril Lugima

Meril Lugima, Estonia

Meril Lugima, Estonia

Meril is currently studying for her BA (Hons) Photography on our Cardiff Campus. She has highlighted some of her experiences of the course and studying at the university below.

Why did you choose USW?
I chose USW because of its hands-on study method and it’s very convenient location. I could not find any other school that would concentrate this much on actual practice rather than studying theory.

What do you think about your campus location?
I find that the Cardiff campus is very conveniently located, especially if you’re looking to work while in school. Nothing is too far away and there are plenty of things to do.

What do you think about the teaching staff on your course?
I think they are doing an excellent job. They are very easy to approach and always happy to help. I find it very helpful that they are willing to spend some extra time thoroughly explaining details and discussing your ideas and thoughts.

What has been your best experience at USW so far?
My best experience so far was being able to photograph events and fashion shows. Along with being able to use the studio and darkroom to work on my academic and personal projects.

How do you think your experience studying at USW will help you after you have graduated from university?
Our professors are constantly giving us interesting projects to work on, which give us great hands on experience in the industry. They slowly help us build our personal portfolio, and with each workshop/lecture they give us a great foundation for when we will start working independently. By the time I leave USW, it will feel like I’ve already had three years of experience in the industry.

What advice would you give to any students who are thinking of studying at USW?
If you are looking for a pleasant place to study and a great hands on experience, I would say USW is a safe choice.