Mauricio Albin, MA Film Producing, Mexico City

 Mauricio Albin, Mexico - Student profile

Mauricio Albin, Mexico - Student profile

I completed my BA in International Business Administration at Nottingham Trent University and I very much enjoyed the British Education System and was keen on studying an MA in the UK. I searched for a degree that was focused and tailored both on the creative aspect of film-making but as well, that involved a Business aspect.

When studying on the MA Film Producing course at the University of South Wales, I appreciated the layout of the course. I was interested in the diversity of modules it offered – not only the creative aspects, but also covering topics such as the business and legal aspects of the industry. What was the most interesting/exciting part of the course?

Working on my Final Project was definitely been the most exciting part of the course. In the process, I finished with a short film of which I’m very proud, and made new friends while doing it. I enjoyed the support throughout the year. I learned the most in Film Finance with incredible support from David Ball as I struggled a bit with my Dyslexia. I obtained great feedback from the lecturers, who were often strict, but fair. The lecturers were great at making complicated legal aspects fun and entertaining, and really helped us understand concepts. The support of the staff definitely contributed towards me getting the right elements in place for my final project short film to be successfully accomplished.

From a career point of view, the most useful thing I learned was the ability to work with people, how to network, how to build and motivate teams and how, what and when to delegate. I am more mature and grown. I guess I have learned to manage frustration better and how to tackle problems and face fears. Internally and emotionally I feel I have grown a lot.

Outside of my course, I had some fantastic experiences, which allowed me to put into practice what I had learned. The best experience must have been working at Green Bay Media on a documentary on Festivals of Life in the World. I also enjoyed assisting Iris Prize Festival, the constant guest lecturers from Skillset Media Wales, being an extra in Da Vinci’s Demons and even assisting the BAFTA’s Cymru! Also being short-listed at Ffresh Film Festival was very exciting!

From a social perspective, a highlight for me was the International Welcome Week. It is the week you meet people from all parts of the world, studying very different degrees and whom you will be hanging out throughout the year. It truly is an enriching week. Wales was a special place to me, though. Every time I encounter anything that has to do with Wales now, it brings a smile in my face recalling my time in this great land!

I was so proud to have my work recognized when I was awarded a First Class Honours Degree – it showed that all my efforts had thoroughly paid off!

I am currently working in ProMéxico, which is the federal government agency responsible for coordinating strategies aimed at strengthening Mexico’s participation in the international economy, supporting the process of exporting firms established in the country and coordinating activities aimed at attracting foreign investment. I am involved in the exports of Creative Industries and Information Technology so it is an overwhelming task yet a true honour being able to contribute and find market opportunities for all the creative industries the Mexican economy has to offer.

If you would like any further information about studying at the University of South Wales or would like to be put in contact with Mauricio, please contact Jo Scaplehorn, International Officer