Mahmood Alfahi

Profile Photo - Mahmood Alfahi Oman

Profile Photo - Mahmood Alfahi Oman

Studying: BSc (Hons) Network Management and Security + MSc Information Security and Computer Crime

Mahmood is currently studying a masters in the Faculty having successfully completed his degree. He chose to study the courses as he works as a network administrator in a bank in his home country of Oman.

His company have sponsored him to do the degree and masters and he hopes to gain a PhD as well. Not many people get sponsored so Mahmood is very fortunate. To gain sponsorship he has been working very hard for his company since 1994 and had to be persistent to gain the funding!

‘I’m studying in Glamorgan to improve my career. I will get a promotion and have better career prospects.’

‘I came to the University for the course. Other Universities do similar degrees but I believe Glamorgan to be the best for IT Security. There is a very skilled research team here and they have one of the best forensics labs in the UK.’

‘The staff are friendly, supportive and cooperative.’

‘We learn by using real life examples and case studies.’

‘I live in Cardiff. When I’m not studying I like to go to the Brecon Beacons National Park.’

‘I would encourage people to study in IT, computer security and computer crimes at the University. They have been doing these courses a long time and they are always practising and researching which makes them good at what they do. They were the first University to offer my course which is taught by very skilful lecturers.’