Laura Lima Angelo dos Santos, BA (Hons) Geology from Rio de Janeiro (Science without Borders)

Laura Lima Angelo dos Santos

Laura Lima Angelo dos Santos

Why did you choose to study at USW?
Wales seemed to be a great place to live and represented an opportunity to live a completely new life experience.

What has been the highlight of your time at USW so far?
I can’t choose one specific moment. The whole experience is amazing, with the opportunity to be independent and also be surrounded by friends from all over the world.

What do you think of life in Wales generally?
Wales (especially Treforest) is a calm place, compared to my city. It was really good to leave the city stress for a while and enjoy a simple life.

What did you think of the course/lecturers/facilities?
I was warmly welcomed by everyone on the university! The staff and the professors were always available to help, in case I needed anything.

Where do you live? Do you like living there?
I live in Glamorgan Court in Treforest. I have all my friends around me so it’s really easy to get together with everyone. The public transport is good, so It’s easy to go to places like the nearby town of Pontypridd and to the city of cardiff.

How will your experience at USW benefit you when you leave USW?
To start, my english has improved significantly. Academically, I learned about British geology and I can use this knowledge someday. In terms of my personal life, I have met people from so many different cultures, and visited so many new places. I now think that my mind is much more open about the world and life itself

Would you recommend USW to other students?
Sure! I’m having one of the best times of my life.