Lam Thang Sang - BA (Hons) International Business top-up

Lam Thang Sang from Vietnam, studying BA (Hons) International Business (top-up)

Lam Thang Sang from Vietnam, studying BA (Hons) International Business (top-up)

My name is Lam Thanh Sang, and I come from Danang City, Vietnam.

I have completed 3 years of university in Vietnam and I am currently studying the final year under the BA International Business top up program at the University of South Wales.

Since I was young, I have desired to become a successful entrepreneur so that I could have opportunities to enrich myself, for my family and to serve my country. For the first three years at college, I have been educated with a broad-based business background. I have also collected a range of transferable and practical skills that are essential to be a good communicator and sensitive to different cultures and traditions. Considering the fact that Vietnam’s international integration is still at a very first stage of development and there is huge room for improvement, I am more and more committed to my desire to gain profound and in-depth knowledge of international business with an aim to make contributions to the prosperity of my country.

I have chosen the University of South Wales as the next stepping stone in my educational process, because of various reasons. First of all, studying at the university could be the shortest path to follow my passion for learning and gain qualifications that are respected by employers and academics worldwide because of its strong reputation and world-class education. Based on three campuses spread around South Wales and having over 33,000 students, The University has become one of the largest universities in the UK and a major regional university.

The University has been providing me with great opportunities to experience practical and professional environments and get access to all material facilities in the very first school day, which creates favorable conditions for all students. Being familiar with living and working in multicultural surroundings, I was able to quickly adapt to a new environment, to accept and appreciate the differences, and to gain valuable life experience. I also cherish the chance to broaden my network, meeting and exchanging views with classmates and peers from around the world. Stepping outside the academic bubble, I also got chances to explore the beauty of UK and discover its unique culture, cities and countryside throughout vacation trips are frequently held by The university.

There are so many societies and clubs available out there for international students, where I met my awesome friends from all over the world, got to know the differences among cultures and religions.

And here comes my best advice to future international students: be open-minded and feel free to say “YES” to those chances that you may have while studying here, and you will see how great it is and the opportunities it could bring to you. As for me, I really enjoy my life in the UK and I am proud to be a USWer! Hope all upcoming international students will have great time while studying here!