Kristian Evans, BA (hons) Music Technology and MSc Music Engineering & Production

Kristian Evans

Kristian Evans

I chose to study at the University of South Wales due to the partnership in place with Noroff College, Norway. I studied Music for my first two years at Noroff, so it was the natural choice to complete my Bachelors in Music Technology in the Faculty of Creative Industries at USW. We had an impressive amount of marketing for the USW, with faculty coming to meet us personally, stands at fairs and faculty members explaining the benefits of study; enough to convince me.

Following a successful year I decided to follow up with an MSc in Music Engineering & Production within the same campus.

I settled in well and currently live in a nice two bedroom flat with my girlfriend, who is studying in the third year of her bachelors in the same subject. Cardiff is a lovely city that easily accommodates a wide range of student personalities. It’s difficult to say exactly what I enjoy most about my time here: it must be the variation in our assignments and the fact that we are given a lot of self-study time to play and experiment and truly learn. The recording we have done as a group has been a great experience, with lots of interesting facts and techniques coming to light, and the students on our course really work together as a team. We’ve also had a few really talented artists come in to the campus and let us to test out numerous techniques and styles.

After completing my course, my goal is to start my own audio-production business; one that is able to take on a wide variety of clientele, ranging from computer game sound design to album recordings. I definitely think that my course will prepare me for this – the resources at my disposal make the sky the limit, it’s all down to my dedication and hard work as to how far I can go.

If I had to give advice to any other international students considering coming to study here, I would recommend applying early. And leave your ego at the door: students come to USW to learn!