Khalil Al Belushi - MA TESOL from Muscat, Oman

Khalil Al Belushi, MA TESOL from Muscat, Oman

Khalil Al Belushi, MA TESOL from Muscat, Oman

I work as a translator in the Ministry of Education, Oman. I love teaching languages and am passionate about developing my knowledge of all languages but especially English. I want to become a teacher of English as a second language at University/College level and this lead me to choose to study the MA Teaching English as Second Language (TESOL).

I chose USW because I believed the course here would help me to gain up to date experience in the field of TESOL. I liked the fact that modules seemed varied, relevant and practical. The course has indeed exceeded my expectations. It has helped me to improve my thinking, my reading, my ability to look at things critically, and I have developed my academic writing and research skills. On the course, there is the opportunity to meet with both UK and other international students and share views and experiences. The lecturers have a lot of insight and they encourage and appreciate different points of view and different cultural experiences. They provide us with lots of support and guidance so that we can develop professionally and academically.

My home is the Caerleon campus where I live in a flat with other international students from various countries. Living on campus is another interesting thing at USW where I have the chance to get to know people from different cultures. I really love Caerleon campus!

Here are a few reasons why I love the course:
  • My biggest achievement will be to obtain my Masters qualification in order to help develop the quality of teaching English in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The content of the MA TESOL at USW is really enjoyable with diverse and helpful lectures that make an impact on my thinking. I have really enjoyed lectures given by the teaching staff. It is useful to meet with other TESOL professionals who have worked in different countries all over the world. Our lecturers have many recent and recognized publications and I am proud to learn from them.
  • I learned about many current debates in the field of ELT by reading articles in a number of academic journals. I have also improved my critical thinking, and my confidence to be able to design an appropriate language course and materials.
  • In this course, I have been able to combine my experience of translation with my developing knowledge of TESOL. I hope to explore the use of the first language in the language classroom as part of my dissertation.
  • The best advice which will be influential in my whole future life is how to keep up to date by reading academic journals as well as attending languages conferences in future.
  • USW provides weekly Academic Writing Workshops for students. I think one thing that surprised me was how much I have improved my academic writing skills. I discovered after each assignment that my academic writing style has developed considerably. I had not expected that I would learn to like and enjoy academic writing!
  • All lecturers have really inspired me. They always reply whenever I ask for help and provide useful advice and guidance.
  • Meeting with other international students as well as great lectures (and lecturers) will remain my best memories. Forever. Also, the Caerleon campus is stunning. There are many historical sites nearby within walking distance. They are perfect places for recreation beside the river USK. People here are friendly and hospitable so you can have a wonderful chat in English with them.
  • When I graduate, I will be a qualified translator and language teacher. I think this will open up many opportunities to develop professionally and play a role in my country’s education, curriculum and learning. I am planning to work in language centres, or English language departments or translation departments in Further Education Colleges or Universities.
  • I can strongly recommend this course. It is of a high standard but it is not dull or boring! You are treated as an individual and your own ideas are appreciated. Choosing MA. TESOL at USW would be the right choice for your future career in the field of English language education