Katherina Salanga, Bacolod City, Philippines - MSc Professional Practice

Profile Photo - Katherina Salanga Philippines

Profile Photo - Katherina Salanga Philippines

Why did you choose this course?

It was 15 years ago when I had the desire to care for people with sickness. The inspiration to start nursing came from seeing the benefit one of my family member gained from getting regular treatments at our local hospital. It is challenging to work with the medical team and caring for people but it is entirely enjoyable. You get to see different views, ideas and personalities. Every day is indeed a new experience. This course offers flexibility to international students on the choices of modules that could support our professional development and the best part is, it offers Overseas Nurses Programme that would enable us to register to NMC once we have complied with the requirements. Overall, it is a good combination of practice and theory.

Why the University of South Wales?

I personally chose to study at the University of South Wales because this course offers a range of modules that we can choose from to develop our own pathway in healthcare. In addition to the Overseas Nurses Programme, it paves the way to do a placement in a hospital which helps us familiarise and adjust to the healthcare setting in UK. Furthermore, it offers work placement which could benefit us to apply what we have learned. Lastly, the wide range of support from lecturers, education drop-in-centre, students union and international student support were excellent. They made it easier for us international students to adjust from assignments to the living norms in UK.

What’s been the most exciting part of the course so far?

Overall, the modules that are on the list are appropriate and enjoyable. From what I have chosen, the Advanced Life Sciences 1 and 2 updated us with the understanding of common clinical conditions. The core Modules such as Research Methods and Leadership were enjoyable as well. In general, these modules made me aware on how to critically analyse a situation and work through an evidence-based practice. Being part of a post graduate Professional Practice course has encouraged and enabled me to develop my professional plan which is helpful to my career development and become a professional nurse.

Leisure activities
There are a lot of things I enjoyed doing in Wales. While I was in the Halls of residence I enjoyed my access to the gym, Zumba classes and badminton with friends in the Sport Centre. I also love to treat myself for a nice meal in Cardiff , cinema, see castles and countryside.

Tell us about the lecturers

All the lecturers were very efficient and they are knowledgeable in their own field. They have encouraged us since day one in the university. There are lecturers that have motivated us and made us feel welcome. They are very particular with stimulating students to participate during class discussions through activities which are relevant to the subject area. Fun was also part of studying, for instance, we had a small gathering in our class in ALS during Christmas and it was enjoyable. It created quite a good atmosphere for all the students in that module.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

I am looking forward to be a qualified registered nurse in the UK because it creates a good profile to apply anywhere in the UK and even overseas. It creates a wider opportunity being registered in this country.

Any advice to those thinking about studying this course at the University of South Wales?

Studying Masters in Professional Practice (Nursing) is a good investment because of the quality standards of education which are recognized worldwide. The time spent on assignments and studying is worth it because it helps the student to develop professionally and opens doors both in the UK and internationally.