Josiah Shelley, MBA, from Toronto, Canada

Josiah from Canada

Josiah from Canada

How did you hear about USW?
I first heard about USW at OCMC in Ontario. OCMC is a marketing competition that the top marketing students from ontario colleges compete in.

Why did you choose to study at USW?
USW offered a unique opportunity to have an international experience in my education. I believe this will give me a competitive edge over my peers and will give me a broader perspective in my future career.

What has been the highlight of your time at USW so far?
The highlight of my experience is our cohort trip to Budapest, Hungary. We travelled to Budapest in order to see an Audi Manufacturing plant and also to spend some time with our peers in the course. It’s great to see first hand our theory being applied in the real world.

What do you think of life in Wales generally?
I have developed a love for Wales. In fact, one of my friends has labelled me as an “honourary welshman”. The country is beautiful and there is so much to do. I’ve managed to travel to the north and some of the coastlines in the west. I’m looking forward to seeing some more beaches and scenic parts of Wales this summer. Cardiff is also a great city, it’s large enough to have all the main shops you would expect but also small enough to have community. My wife and I have also found a great church to attend in Cardiff, which has made the transition much easier.

What do you think of the course/lecturers/facilities?
My lecturers are great, they’re always open for discussion and this helps my learning experience. The facilities are top notch with the addition of the new library. It’s unique to be on the Treforest campus and see the valleys each day.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
I plan on landing a job with one of the large banks in either London or Toronto. It’s also tempting to look locally for a job just so I can stay in Wales. However, a lot of my network is back in Toronto so it’s definitely an option.

Would you recommend USW to other students?
Definitely, I’ve had such a positive experience so far that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it here.

Any other comments you would like to add?
Most people talk about the downfall of Wales being the rain, however, you get used to it and it forces you to embrace the sunshine when it’s out. Cardiff is a great hub to do some personal travel when you’re here. Whether that is London or France/Spain, it’s easy to travel once you’re here.