Jessica Fernandes Ventura, BA Photography from Curitiba (Science without Borders programme)

Jessica Fernandes Ventura, Brazil

Jessica Fernandes Ventura, Brazil

Why did you choose this course?
As I am studying design in Brazil, I felt that studying photography would benefit my work as in my opinion I feel that photography and design are connected hence the reason I choose to study this subject.

Why did you choose USW?
When I was researching about the universities available to me in the UK, the USW aroused my attention because of the location and facilities available.

What do you think about your campus location?
Living in the city centre of Cardiff is very useful as I can find anything I need.

What do you think about the teaching staff on your course?
All the teachers and staff from my course are always available and ready to help me, so I definitely feel comfortable here.

What do you think about the facilities available to you during your course?
All the infrastructure and equipment available are great and very useful. The easy access to borrow equipment from the atrium facilitates really helps me with my projects here.

Do you like your Accommodation?
Yes, living in Liberty Bridge means that I am very close to the University and I am in walking distance of everything I need.

What has been your best experience at USW so far? Coming in contact and making friends with a variety of people, all from very different places. Every day here has been an exciting experience here.

How do you think your experience studying at USW will help you after you have graduated from university?
Learning more about photography will enable me to explore the interaction between photography and design that I was looking for and experiment further with this combination in my country.

What advice would you give to any students who are thinking of studying at USW?
Being open minded for all the experiences and people here would be my best advice. Don´t be afraid to experience new things.