Haziq Kamarulzaman

Profile Photo - Haziq Kamarulzaman Brunei

Profile Photo - Haziq Kamarulzaman Brunei

Not many universities in the UK are offering a Bachelor in Quantity Surveying. But after researching the University and what they can offer, I chose USW over other universities in the UK.

One strong reason as to why I chose USW was because I knew this university could offer me the ‘UK Experience’, as there were not many Bruneians in USW. I am a person who can easily make friends, so that is not a big issue.

Secondly, the atmosphere in USW is not as busy as other big cities; therefore I had a quiet area during ‘deadline days’ and revision.

Last and certainly not least, of course this is crucial, low cost but high standard of living.

There is a perfect balance of all things, making USW the most suitable place for me.