Gabriela Escalada, BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Foz do Iguassu, Brazil

student profiel Gabriela Escalada, Brazil

student profiel Gabriela Escalada, Brazil

Why did you choose USW?
USW has a great structure and team of lecturers for Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

What do you think about your campus location?
I was living in the on-campus accommodation, in Glamorgan Court, so it was great that the classes were just a few minutes’ walk. The flat is equipped with everything necessary, and helpful staff that supports the students.

What do you think about the teaching staff on your course?
They are great lecturers. Well prepared and friendly.

Are you happy with the support available to you e.g. Immigration and International Student Advice, The Disability and Dyslexia Service, Advice shops
Completely happy. They are supportive and willing to help with every issue we may face.

What has been your best experience at USW so far?
The most amazing year of my life so far. Being able to live daily with all nationalities and cultures is a unique experience USW can provide. All the staff from all departments are kind, helpful and great professionals.

Have you done any travelling while you’ve been studying with us? If so, where did you go?
Yes. I went to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, San Marino, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland and Wales.

What do you think about Wales?
Wales has great landscapes, many sheep, the best castles and friendly citizens. In other words, Wales is awesome!