Gabriel Zepeda

When I was looking for a university to continue my studies, I wanted an active and beautiful city, with friendly people from different cultural backgrounds. I was also looking for a serious and prestigious university which offered a programme that would let me study the disciplines and topics I’m most passionate about deeply and broadly. I found all this at the University of South Wales.

I am studying a research programme which enables me to independently organise my schedule and meetings with my professors in a flexible way and to study the theories and authors I’m most interested in. This certainly has helped me to guide my academic life towards the professional one I desire.

Student life at Treforest and at the Atrium is amazing! The main campus frequently offers events for international students, academic events for the whole community and has a complete infrastructure for every activity: Computer labs, gymnasiums, cafeterias, shops, a brand new student union and so on.

The Atrium in Cardiff is not only a very modern and beautiful building with specialised facilities but it also several advantages, like being close to the vibrant city centre and it only offers creative courses so that students and staff are focused in Arts and Media and other creative subjects. This means that everyone on campus has similar profiles and interests. Additionally, the academic and administrative staff are always supportive.

Accommodation is great! The rooms at Ty Pont Haearn in Cardiff cover every need and the staff are always helpful. Living with flatmates that have similar attitudes to me means that everyone has a great time.

The people and other students in Cardiff city centre have been very friendly. I have friends in both Atrium and on the Trefforest campus from my own country and from other countries around the world, from the Netherlands to China.

I do not regret my decision to study at USW at all. I did find it difficult when I first arrived as I was alone in a different country but I quickly made friends and the good experiences have far outweighed the bad and have made every second of this experience worthwhile.