Florina-Mihaela Giuiu

Florina Mihaela Giuiu, Romania

Florina Mihaela Giuiu, Romania

Florina-Mihaela a BA (Hons) Fashion Design student based in Cardiff has shared her experience so far on the course:

I am now a second year fashion design student at the USW. The course has given me the opportunity to keep my love for art close and in the same time it has enhanced this love through fashion. My first year experience had helped me to grow up and discover the world by experiencing and living in the fashion field and also it has given me responsibilities.

I am also one of the class representatives in my course It is indeed a great responsibility to represent your course mates and also forwarding their queries. Now that first year is gone and the second comes with a fast pace.

I believe that not only the destination is the one that matters but the journey. As said, my journey has just begun. During this first year I learnt how a fashion collection comes to life and how important is the primary research for every fashion project. Because of that I had the opportunity to collaborate with a curator at the Cardiff Museum who let me look closer at the very rare and valuable items that are kept in the backrooms of the museum and not exposed in the actual exhibitions.

The course is taking us gradually through all of the processes, from history to present, from patterns to the actual outcome.

The final project was the best that we could have. We had so much freedom that we didn’t know what to do with it, but we ended up with great job done. We were allowed to use our freedom to create and experience new things just like artist do to create new worlds. This final project included (among others) a process of making a dress which we designed. It is very important to struggle to find ways to represent your crazy ideas into reality, because the dresses concepts weren’t based on traditional patterns but they were meant to represent distortion. Watching the iMovies presentations was amazing. Just looking at peoples way of searching for inspiration and putting it into fabric it gives you a lot of perspectives.

For me, creating and making it shine it s all that matters.

But in the end, no matter what we say and do, FASHION NEVER SLEEPS,