Fahmi Khatab

Profile Photo - Fahmi Khatab - Indonesia

Profile Photo - Fahmi Khatab - Indonesia

Why the University of South Wales?
I chose to study at USW because it offered the exact program that I was looking for and it is one of the biggest universities in the UK. There are many international students studying at USW and I enjoy interacting with them and sharing our experiences and at the same time learn about different cultures. Besides, it is a real advantage to make new friends from different countries, which will inevitably benefit me in the future.

What has been the most exciting part of the course so far?
I thoroughly enjoy studying Business Law. As an international student, I can identify the similarities and differences between the English legal system and English laws with the system and laws that apply in my home country.

Leisure activities
There are many things to do in Treforest and the fact that everything is in walking distance in a bonus. The University’s Sport Hall provides a variety of sporting facilities such a basketball, badminton, Tai Chi, surfing and 7-a-side football, which we can use at any time with affordable prices. It is easy to find Halal foods on and off campus. On the weekends, I like to visit friends in Cardiff, Liverpool or London. The advantage of studying at USW on the Treforest campus is that the train station is right beside the campus, so it is easy to go anywhere I want.

Tell us about the lecturers
The lecturers are very helpful, friendly and professional. I feel that I can ask anything related to the studies in the classroom or by email and they will respond to it accordingly. Due to the professionalism that they show to the students, I feel that the professionalism is transferred into my personality this is important for future business.

What do I hope to do after I graduate?
There is a strong possibility that the company I worked for before deciding to continue with my education will employ me after I graduate, however I would love to work here in the UK or in other European countries. The main plan is to gain more experience of working in health and safety and continue to study Ph.D., god willing.

Any advice to those who are interested in this course?
I believe that education never-ends. That is one of the reasons I continued studying a master’s programme. Age does not matter when you have the chance to study, especially in a specific program that you really want and are good at. The course that I am studying right now is very useful and important for all the industries sectors around the world. I would encourage fellow Indonesian students to seriously look at what the University of South Wales can offer them and to follow their dreams