Evan Tamblyn

Evan from Canada

Evan from Canada

Evan Tamblyn from Toronto, Canada is currently studying an MBA at the Treforest Campus and living in the local town of Pontypridd. We asked him about his student experience so far:

The greatest thing about my classes is the number of international students that I study with. Being accustomed to various nationalities is important for most degrees- but especially in business! In my first year at the Uni, I lived with people from Cyprus, Norway, Wales, England, and Russia!

In my spare time I like to go to the gym, or play squash and badminton at the University’s facilities. I also like to go into Cardiff which is just a short 25 minute train journey away from my house in Treforest. I’ve never lived this close to a capital city before, so I try to take advantage of it as often as possible. When I’m on campus, I also work as a Global Assistant for the University, which means I get to help new students adjust to living in Wales each year.

Meeting many International students through the Global Assistant programme has been the highlight of my time at USW. Because of it, I can confidently say that my best advice is to enjoy every moment of your experience abroad and to make sure you learn about other cultures too! Going outside of my comfort zone and saying yes to new situations has helped me learn about the world and to grow as a person. At the end of the day, my time at USW has been most beneficial because of the people I’ve met and the memories I’ve made with new friends along the way.”

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