Duong Thuy Nguyen – Hanoi, Vietnam. BA (Hons) Business Studies Top-up and MBA

Graduate of BA (Hons) Business Studies top-up and currently studying MBA

Graduate of BA (Hons) Business Studies top-up and currently studying MBA

I have always had in mind since I was young that I would like to complete my educational route with a Master Degree, especially Master of Business Administration (MBA) course due to its recognition all over the world and the wide knowledge it offers for both business skills as well as personal development. With MBA course being offered by University of South Wales based on my Bachelor Degree, I have made the best decision by studying here.

Before making the choice of University, I had heard that Welsh people are very friendly and kind; it is an important factor that any student has to consider when choosing to stay away from home; also, seeing a large number of international students studying in USW makes me feel that I am not alone. Furthermore, I feel that being located in a peaceful and pretty part of Wales, especially on a higher land compared to the surrounding area, University of South Wales creates a very conducive and suitable environment for studying. In addition, with many clubs and societies in the University, it gives me an opportunity for the best adventure.

It did not take me a long time to settle here, as I was lucky to meet many amazing international friends who made it feel like home, and local friends who introduced and helped me to adapt to the UK lifestyle. So far the journey in University of South Wales has been really a great experience for me: International classmates who are really friendly and great to work with, interactive classes which allow us to have group discussions, knowledgeable and helpful tutors, suitable timetables which provide us time to do our own studies and research, exciting trainings in Cheerleading Society and the awesome practices in Salsa Dance Society.

Studying in University of South Wales has given me not only the invaluable education for my future, but also brought me many great friends for life from all other the world. Therefore after graduation, my plan is to visit my amazing friends in different parts of Europe and Asia before stepping into the working life. I feel that with the skills and knowledge from MBA course, my opportunity for employment is enhanced, hence I have not much worry about seeking a job.

My humble advice to the international students: Enjoy the time in the University while studying, participate in events that the Student Union or the Societies organise for us, engage with new people and you will be surprised of how many fantastic friends you can meet from around the globe!

Wish every international student a wonderful and memorable time studying here, all the best!

The two and a half years studying in Wales was the best period of my entire student life! People are so friendly, the scenery is so beautiful and serene, and the lifestyle is so peaceful. It is not only a tranquil place to be a conductive studying environment, but also an exciting country for great adventures!