Dalia Garcia Aquino, MA Journalism (International)

Dalia Garcia Aquino, Mexico

Dalia Garcia Aquino, Mexico

How did you first hear about the University and the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries?
I had been thinking seriously about studying for my Postgraduate degree in the UK, and had started to make some enquiries. Then, the British Council in Mexico contacted me to inform me that the a representative from the University of South Wales (it was then called the University of Glamorgan) was visiting Mexico. I met with her, and also met one of their Mexican graduates, and that helped me make my decision to study here.

What made you choose USW, and the Faculty of Creative Industries, in particular, for your course?
I really liked the look of the course, MA Journalism (International). The programme was what led me to make my decision. Also, the fact that it’s based in the city of Cardiff. I really liked the look of Cardiff, and how close it is to London. Other factors were the facilities on campus, and the low cost of studying here.

What was different, unique or special about your course?
The ‘Exposure’ project was really special for me, where I was involved in writing news for the web, but also working together with students from Radio and Television also. I enjoyed taking all the theory that I had learned and putting it in to practice. We had to take this project so seriously as it was a live broadcast, and you could feel the pressure! I also enjoyed being in shared classes with other people who have a passion for journalism.

What about the teaching staff on your course?
I liked that the tutors would talk about their practical experiences as journalists. We could learn about the practical part of being a journalist, and get advice from them about the real world of work.

What did you think about the facilities & resources at the Cardiff ATRiuM Campus? And what about its location?
I was so impressed by the campus building! The facilities were also good, such as being able to use the resources to record in the radio studio and edit videos. It all helps you to realise the ‘real’ way to work as a journalist. I was in the library working every weekend, but still enjoyed being in Cardiff. In a small city, it’s amazing how many things there are to do. It’s not as busy as Mexico City, but this means you can walk everywhere. It has good nightlife, and plenty of activities in the surrounding areas, including visiting castles. There were also visits to Cardiff Bay and its culture. I enjoyed Cardiff and I miss it now that I’m back in Mexico City.

What was the social highlight of your time in the Faculty of Creative Industries?
There were trips organised by the University to places across the UK, so I had chance to explore new cities and places; they were cheap and it was a good chance to meet new people. At the start of the course, the tutor took us to the pub to get to know each other better! In my free time, I would go to the cinema or our socially with my new friends, and we enjoyed visiting new places. It was great to meet people from so many different cultures and countries, as well as UK students, and I made friends with other students from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Europe.

Since graduating, tell us a bit about what you have been doing?
I have returned to Mexico City and currently doing some freelance work for a London based digital media publication, called ‘The Mexican Londoner’. I interview Mexicans who live in London, and cover events such as those hosted by the Mexican Embassy.

What piece of advice would you give to someone from Mexico who was thinking about studying here?
Come with an open mind and embrace everything! You are coming to a new culture where everything is different, but everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and they make you feel part of the community. It’s normal to feel fear, but the reward for taking part in this journey is amazing – it will change your life forever.