Cody Shaw

“I thoroughly enjoyed my studies at the University of South Wales (USW). For the first time in my life I totally immersed myself in an academic environment and fully applied myself. The fact that I was a mature student definitely had a part in this. However, I feel that the USW faculty played a major role as well. Lecturers were very interesting and approachable. For most of my classes, completing the assignment was a very enjoyable task.

I chose MSc Marketing because during my undergraduate studies at University of Vermont I majored in Business Administration with a marketing concentration.

There were various reasons that I chose USW. A major factor that led me to USW was that I knew someone who was currently studying there. Apart from that reason, I had always wanted to study abroad during my undergraduate years but never had the opportunity. USW gave me the chance to do this at a reasonable price compared to other UK universities.

Although I did spend a majority of my time studying, I did frequent the Union on a few occasions. It was fun. Coming from the US it was nice to experience a more relaxed culture that did not automatically reject social functions with alcohol on campus.

My studies at USW made me realize that I enjoy academic research very much. For this reason I am applying to some doctoral programs in the US. My time at USW also allowed me to meet many different people and experience different cultures.”