Chris Kerley, Chiropractic (MChiro)

Chris Kerley, Ireland

Chris Kerley, Ireland

Chris is a first year student from Kerry currently studying Chiropractic.

What do you think about the course you are studying?
I really like it, it’s quite challenging but nothing good in life comes easy. I thought it would be much more difficult being the only Irish student in the year but there are so many students from different countries, we’re all in the same boat really.

Why did you choose this subject?
I didn’t actually know much about chiropractic until someone told me about it. The more I read about and seen it in practice the more it made me want to pursue it as a career.

How do you think the skills and knowledge you have gained on your course will help you get a job after graduation?
I think the skills and knowledge will help me greatly, especially in fourth year where you spend a whole year practicing in the clinic under the supervision of the tutors so you have a whole year of experience on patients before you leave.

Why did you choose to study at University of South Wales?
When I came for an interview here, I immediately loved the atmosphere on campus, the staff were friendly and the facilities were excellent.

Tell us about where you live (Halls of Residence or off-campus)?
I live in a house with two other Chiro students off campus.

Have you enjoyed your University experience at South Wales?
Yes, I’ve really enjoyed my experience here and I know I’ve made friends for life