Bobby Hartanto, Indonesia - MSc Accounting

Bobby Hartanto, Indonesia

Bobby Hartanto, Indonesia

About me

Let me introduce myself, my name is Bobby Hartanto. I come from a town in South East Asia called Jepara, in central Java province, Indonesia. I am studying for my Masters in Accounting (associate degree) at the University of South Wales. I first heard about the University though my friend who has also studied there but also my university in Germany is a partner with the University of South Wales. I chose to study at USW given the excellent reputation, great environment, fantastic transport links and the fact that Wales as an area is very welcoming to international students.

About the University of South Wales

Within my course I am studying corporate governance, research methods for finance and accounting and contemporary issues. The lecturers give very clear instructions and from the very start of the course you soon learn that it is important to be on time for your lectures! I love the facilities at the University – a fully stocked and refurbished library, small classrooms, free Wi-Fi, food courts, Starbucks and the sports arena. What I have really enjoyed the most are the lectures and the fact that I have made many new friends. I’ve also participated in trips within the local area and the food here is great too.

About studying in the UK

One of the best things about studying in the UK is the fact that I get to mix with people from different cultures – the UK offers a very different culture compared to what I am used to in Indonesia but this is one of the reasons I chose to come to the UK. The biggest difference between home and the UK is the fact that everyone is expected to be on time and punctual in the University. For anyone considering studying in the UK I would advise that you try and enjoy difference experiences whilst you are in the UK. If you are able to allow some time to adjust to the culture, weather and location prior to your studies this really does help.

Life outside the University

In my spare time I like to visit the local area by discovering the city of Cardiff and also hiking in the Beacon Beacons. In the city there are many restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas, the theatre, museums and food markets. One of the benefits of being a student is the fact that many of the shops offer student discounts, you just need to show your ID card and you get a lower price.
I have really surprised myself at how open minded I have become since studying in the UK and how easy I have found it to adapt to my new environment. For any students considering studying at USW my advice to you is to find out as much information as possible, using Facebook and the University website and most importantly choose a course which is right for you.