Ashley Lee, MChiro from Toronto, Canada

Ashley Lee, MChiro from Toronto, Canada

Ashley Lee, MChiro from Toronto, Canada

Why did you choose this course?
I chose to study Chiropractic because I wanted to pursue a hands on career in the medical field where I can help people live better pain free lives.

How did you hear about USW?
When I decided I wanted to apply for Chiropractic School, I researched different chiropractic colleges around the world mainly in the UK and Australia as they didn’t require a previous degree to apply and from Wikipedia’s list of chiropractic colleges, I came across USW.

Why did you choose USW?
I chose USW because I really wanted to study chiropractic but only AECC and USW offers this course. Ultimately, USW won me over because it allowed me to study chiropractic while not missing out on the university experience and environment.

What do you think about your campus location?
Living in Treforest is like living in the suburbs. It’s a bit remote but because of that it promotes a sense of togetherness between students and makes it more of a learning environment. The campus is close to the train station which is a twenty minute train ride to the city center.

What do you think about the teaching staff on your course?
The teaching staff here are very friendly and approachable; they’ll help you out with any questions and concerns whether it’s about the lectures or personal concerns.

What do you think about the facilities available to you during your course?
The facilities are fantastic at the university with a gym consisting of a variety of machines and a newly renovated modern library. Facilities for the chiropractic students are amazing too. We have a number of skeletons, diagrams and 3D models of many body parts to help with our studies. Also, chiropractic students are also given free chiropractic treatments and the student clinicians are given a variety of equipment to treat patients with such as the applicator, speeder board, dry needles etc.

Where do you live and do you like your Accommodation?
I lived in halls during first year. Fortunately, I got one of the rooms in mountain halls. They’re spacious, new and cosy with lots of storage and your own shower and toilet. For second year, I moved out to one of the terraced houses near campus. They’re less spacious and most are with outdated furniture but the rent is a lot cheaper.

Did you attend International Welcome Week?
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend the International Welcome Week but I have heard great things about it. Their events provided great way to socialise and meet people from all around the world on other courses especially since we have the same classes with the same people every day.

Have you joined any clubs or societies?
Currently I’m on the badminton team. It’s great, we’re like a united family, we always meet up and going out for drinks. It makes the university experience much more enjoyable.

What has been your best experience at USW so far?
There have been so many great experiences so far, but the best experience has to be the first day I moved into halls. People were so friendly, they’d come and introduce themselves and asked if you wanted help. I met my first Welsh friend and other people from countries I haven’t been exposed to such as Norway, Malaysia, Nigeria, Germany etc. I went to the pub (they’re not as popular in Toronto) for the first time in my life with a bunch of people, none of them I’ve met before that day yet it was a really enjoyable and fun night. Thus, I made my first friends at university.

How do you think your experience studying at USW will help you after you have graduated from university?
Studying at USW has definitely been an eye opening experience. I’ve been exposed to so many different cultures and traditions especially the welsh culture. Studying at USW instead of in Canada allows me to network globally as opposed to just in Canada which will definitely help my job prospects in the future. I’ve also learned many life skills abroad in Wales such as independence, time management, organization and more importantly self-confidence. All which will help me in the future whether it be finding jobs, making friends or helping patients.

What advice would you give to any students who are thinking of studying at USW?
It’ll be one of the greatest decision you’ve ever made. The people are friendly, the library’s new, the sports park is massive, the parties are fun, the lecturers are helpful and there’s a club or society for everyone.