Anthony Tester, Norway, BA (hons) Popular Music

Anthony Tester, Norway

Anthony Tester, Norway

When I was looking to progress from my Diploma in Music from Noroff College, I had the option to enrol at three different universities, however, I felt that the modules and topics offered by the University of South Wales’ Cardiff course, the BA (hons) Popular Music best suited my interest, plus the enticement of a scholarship helped!

I have really settled in well to life in Cardiff; I like the city, the university and my lecturers. Cardiff is full of friendly people, and after a matter of a few weeks I found it easy to navigate around the city. The university itself is a nice modern building with well-equipped music studios and lecture rooms. The lecturers are always willing to take time out to help you with any academic or even personal problems, and they are very knowledgeable about their specialised subjects.

What I found particularly interesting when I moved to Wales was the issue of language Norway is more or less a bilingual country, speaking both Norwegian and English almost fluently. Wales also uses two languages Welsh and English. It was interesting to see road sign and information displayed in both languages.

I have loved my entire experience studying in the Faculty of Creative Industries. I have met many interesting people, local characters, students and the lecturers alike. I have visited many of the local attractions and really enjoyed the live and very vibrant music scene in Cardiff. I also enjoyed playing, performing and recording on the Grand Piano in one of the main studios.

If I could give any advice to international students thinking of studying on a top-up programme, I would actually advise them to think about joining the university at year one, (the First Year) instead, because that way you have the possibility to build up a circle of new friends and people who you may at some point in the future work together with in the music business. Networking is vital.

Hopefully, if all goes as planned, I shall be taking my Masters next year at the University of South Wales, studying the MA Songwriting and Production. After that I will be releasing three albums of educational music, whilst also considering training as a music teacher in either the Norway or the UK.