Anastasia Dita Parmawati - MSc Marketing

Anastasia Parmawati from Bandung, Indonesia. Studying MSc Marketing

Anastasia Parmawati from Bandung, Indonesia. Studying MSc Marketing

Who are you and where are you from?
I am Dita and I am from Bandung, Indonesia

What course are you studying?
I am studying Master of Marketing

How did you find out about the University of South Wales?
I found out about University of South Wales from an education fair in Jakarta last year

Why did you choose to study here?
Because of the affordable tuition fee compared to other universities across UK and the facilities that they offer. The library is open 24 hours a day, there is also a gym and sports centre offering different exercise classes as well as a restaurant and coffee shops including a Starbucks on campus

Tell us about the course you are studying and how you find the lectures?
Although I am studying marketing I am able to study other modules that are not only about marketing and this is really appealing to me in order to expand my knowledge. There are other modules which allow me to know about the general operation of a business and also how to be a professional in a workplace. For the lecturers, they are very competent in the area that they teach and I even can see them as friend so I do not hesitate to ask them for a help whenever I have difficulties with my course

Tell us a bit more about studying at the University, what is it like?
The teaching method here is not like that conventional method which usually make students sit in the class and listen to the lecturer all the time. Each module in my course consists of lecture and tutorial session. In the lecture session, the lecturer will explain about a certain topic of study and after that I will have a chance to give my own opinion, make discussion with my classmates and do more practical activities during the tutorial session. Besides that, the assessment of my study is not made based on one day examination only. But it will be made based on the coursework that I submit by the end of each module. By doing my coursework, I can use the opportunity to show my overall understanding about the module and practice my critical thinking about an issue.

Did you attend the International Welcome Week? If you did, would you recommend it to new students?
Yes I did. And I would recommend it to new students because it allowed me to meet other international students from all over the world and helped me to know more about how to live in UK

What are the facilities like at the University?
I have so many facilities and support here but the facility that I like the most is the library. The place is really nice and perfect for study, the book collections are varied for all areas of study, and the best thing of all is that I could have free access to many online journals which can be used to support my study

What have you enjoyed the most (Lecture, project, trip, particular moment etc)?
So far, I really enjoyed joining the trips to several cities in Wales or England which were organized by International and Immigration Student Support department of the university with my friends

What’s the most useful thing you have learnt?
The most useful thing that I have learnt is about independence. Since I live alone here I need to find out about many things such as how to open a new bank account, how to do the laundry, how to do the grocery shopping, or how to use the public transportation. Those are indeed really basic things to do but those things are so much different from Indonesia. I was so pleased with myself when I did it by myself!

What is the biggest difference between life in the UK and back home?
In UK, I can get any information about anything so easily. For example, if I want to travel to a place in UK for the first time by myself, I am not worried to get lost because the information is really clear and I can rely on the service of the public transportation. In addition, the weather in UK is so much different with Indonesia. It is really cold and windy during the winter but in spring and summer the weather is really nice.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to study in the UK?
Do not hesitate to choose UK for a place to continue your study regardless of how far the location is from Indonesia because UK is a really beautiful country and you will have an amazing time with lovely people here

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time, I like to go to other cities in UK with my friends or I will just go to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, which is not too far from Treforest to hang out with friends there

Have you joined any sports or social clubs?
No, I did not join any sports or social clubs but if you are interested in particular sport or social activities, there are many choices of clubs that you can join while making new friends.

What has been the social highlight or highlights?
There are many international students from different backgrounds here. I found it fascinating because here I could have a chance to know people with different nationalities such as Nigerian, Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian. Besides that I also could socialize with the local and European students as well which helps to improve my English skill

How have you surprised yourself? For example, did you turn out to be really good at something you didn’t expect to be?
Even though it is my first time being in UK and living so far away from my family, I was surprised because I could adjust my life here so well. Local people in UK are really helpful and friendly. So maybe that is why I had no worries at all since the first time I arrived here

What moment will you never forget?
I will never forget the first day I came here. The weather at that time was really cold, cloudy, and windy. It was my first time travelling alone to a far away country where I knew no one. Luckily the university offered free taxi which would pick me up at the airport and take me to the accommodation. So at least I did not need to worry about bringing my big luggage to my hall or getting lost on my first day in UK

Tell us something that you think would be useful for prospective students to know?
They need to know that the staff and lecturers of this university are really nice, helpful, and friendly. So whenever you have a problem with anything related to your study or your life in UK, you only need to tell them and they will gladly help you with the brightest smile

What will you miss the most about University when your course finishes?
Of course I will miss my friends, lecturers, and staff here

What has University taught you?
The university did not only teach me about the knowledge that I need to know in my chosen course but it has taught me to be a professional who is ready to be future leader of a company as well.

What are your aspirations? What would you like to do when you finish your studies?
After I finish my studies, if there is an opportunity, I would love to work here for couple of years and get working experience before coming back to Indonesia.