Aline Bidlingmeyer studying Master of Chiropractic

Aline Bidlingmeyer from Switzerland studying Master of Chiropractic

Aline Bidlingmeyer from Switzerland studying Master of Chiropractic

Why did you choose this subject?
Chiropractic is just the best path anyone can choose in my opinion. Helping people regaining their health by natural means is the most beautiful gift you could ask for. Not only you impact the physical wellbeing of your patients through your care but also have the chance to educate and improve their lifestyle which is one of the only professions having this double opportunity. This career also offers stability and independence without getting the risk of being bored thanks to its diversity. I am so thankful to have chiropractic in my life that I could only recommend it anyone.

Why did you choose to study at University of South Wales?
The University of South Wales offers the great opportunity to study chiropractic while still experiencing the University life. Almost all the other chiropractic colleges in Europe are private and therefore don’t provide the same support, facilities, social life as well as sport teams and societies diversity. This is a not to miss opportunity ;-)

Has your learning experience at South Wales been positive (eg support from and communication with teaching staff; facilities like lecture halls, laboratories, IT equipment, Learning Resources Centre)?
The facilities of the USW such as the library and some of the lectures halls have just been refurbished which greatly improves our learning experience. The quality and quantity of books available in the library is just amazing and very helpful.
All the working staff I was lucky enough to meet was amazing! Always friendly and ready to help, people from all the different departments are very supportive and obliging. This creates a positive and sympathetic atmosphere all over the campus which I am going to miss.

*What do you think of the leisure facilities, like the Students’ Union and
Sports Centre? Do you use them much?*
I enjoy using the sport centre which offers a lot of different classes of high quality with great teachers.

Tell us about where you live (Halls of Residence or off campus)?
As a mature student, I choose to live in a private accommodation off campus. This ended up being cheaper and calmer.