Alexandra Smith, BA (Hons) Theatre and Drama, enrolled September 2011

Alex Smith from Mexico

Alex Smith from Mexico

What made you choose this university for your course?
I have always wanted to come over to the UK to study Drama. London had been an option, but being my first time to leave home, Cardiff seemed to be the perfect place to go as it’s a small city with great student life. Cardiff is also growing immensely in the artistic and theatrical world.

What has been the most exciting part of your degree for you?
I loved the end of term project in our first year. We had to work on a 20 minute group performance. I worked with some of my friends in my group and edited one of Gary Owens’s plays “Love Steals us from Loneliness”. We had three weeks to prepare before it was assessed and it was such a great experience and success. We also did a five-minute film on a beach, which was also fun and very successful. I like the performance and physical aspect of my course and learning how to use our bodies within a theatre space.

What do you think about the facilities at the ATRiuM Campus and its location?
The Atrium offers us two studios, a cinema and our own theatre, which I think is amazing. We get to book spaces for personal projects and use the cameras and computers for filming and editing. The location of the Atrium itself is perfect as we are in the city centre and everything needed for daily life is at walking distance.

What is the social highlight of your time at the university so far?
I have made amazing friends with most of my course mates and Cardiff has lovely places for us to go out socialising. We love to go to Cardiff bay and Bute park when it’s nice and sunny, but for the rest of the time we have the mall, the cinema and of course the pubs. Cardiff is a wonderful small city full of students and has a lovely atmosphere to live in.

What piece of advice would you give someone who was thinking about studying on your course?
I would probably tell them to relax, as I wasn’t to start with! They just have to keep an open mind, talk to new people on their course and experiment with all the different aspects of drama before focusing on one subject. It’s amazing how you can discover a hidden talent you didn’t know you had when taking all the different modules throughout the first year.

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