Alexandra Moraru

Alexandra Moraru

Alexandra Moraru

Alexandra is currently in her 3rd year studying BEng Aeronautical Engineering. She has kindly shared some of her experiences being a student at USW.

Why did you choose to study at University of South Wales?
I chose to study at the University of South Wales mainly because of the resources they had. For example they have An Aerospace Centre and a Flying Simulator which is really relevant to my course and that got me really excited about my future years in this University. Also I have to say that the location was very advantageous. It was close to a very big city but it kept all that peace and quiet you need for studying.

Have you enjoyed your University experience at South Wales so far? I have to say that although it was tough having to adjust to a new way of living and also with new methods of teaching, it has been one decision that I cannot say I regret. The amount of things I learned and experienced made me a more responsible and better person.

What advice would you give to any students who are thinking of studying at USW?
I would personally advise you to think about the practical issues beforehand such as accommodation, money and work related issues and if you have any trouble to go ask at the advice centres available, they are really nice and helpful. Try not to worry about the future, enjoy the present as much as you can and be proud of what you achieved so far.

What’s your number one student experience so far?
I really enjoyed my second year when I was Women’s Officer in the Students Union. I have learned a lot about managing and organizing events and it was quite nice to be doing something different than university related work.

Favourite places to visit or things to do in Wales?
There are quite a few things to do around here depending on your personality type. Although I only just started a year ago, one of my favourite things to do is climbing. The University’s sports centre offers a climbing facility and program and there is also a climbing society where you also get to meet a lot of people and socialize. There are some other facilities nearby as well and I would say there are a lot of nice locations for climbing outside too. Another thing to do mainly in spring or summer is going to the beach.

As a last thing, I would like to wish you luck in anything you wish to pursue and to hope you’d be happy with the path you chose for yourself.