Port of Entry Information

This guide is to assist in an easier entry through Border Controls for new International students arriving at a UK Airport.

From disembarking the aircraft you will make your way to the immigration hall. The time it takes to get to immigration will depend on your time of arrival.

Make sure you have the following located easily to hand:

  • CAS / Invitation letter ensuring that you have arrived prior to the course starting
  • Proof of all funds paid or evidence to show they will be paid upon arrival at University
  • Completed Landing card – see the PDF document below
  • Passport with relevant visa
  • Medical paperwork if required

There should be signs placed along the route towards immigration advising students what you will require.

Over the years many students have arrived and have stated that all paperwork is in their checked in suitcase. This can cause lots of problems and immigration usually require that all this paperwork is easily accessible – carry your paperwork in your hand luggage! If no documentation is available, it could cause delay in the immigration process.

The time you wait from entering the immigration hall to being granted leave will differ depending on arrival time and numbers of arriving passengers.

If you are arriving from Northern Ireland or EIRE, then you may not see an immigration officer. The onus is on you – the student – to make yourself known to Immigration. If unsure, please make yourself known at the Customs Red channel and the relevant checks will be undertaken.

Upon leaving the immigration hall, students enter baggage reclaim. All flight arrivals and baggage must go through this area. Television screens display which baggage belt will house which flight.

Passengers arriving on larger aircraft can expect to have a longer wait for baggage than those arriving on smaller aircraft.

If your luggage is missing – make sure you ask where you need to go to report it.

As you go to leave the airport you must proceed through the Customs Channels. According to the airport you arrive at there may be 3 channels in use: –

BLUE CHANNEL – All arrivals direct from an EU member country and that have no goods to declare. If you have transferred in an EU country from a non EU country, you can’t use this channel.

GREEN CHANNEL – All arrivals from countries that are not in the EU and that you have no excess goods to declare.

RED CHANNEL – If you arrive in the UK with excess goods, or goods that are prohibited, then you must declare the goods at this desk. If payment is required this can be taken here.

Make sure you go through the correct channel as you may be taken aside for a baggage check from any channel. If you are stopped for a baggage search, all your baggage will be checked. This delay could vary in length depending of goods found and the reasons for carrying goods.
Seizures for excess duty free allowances could lead to prosecution for the offence.

Please download the following documentation for your further information:

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