International Welcome Programme

The next International Welcome Programme will run from the 8th September to the 15th September 2018.

You can now download and print the IWP Guide for September 2018

About the International Welcome Programme

The International Welcome Programme is an important social orientation programme that runs each September and February. It includes events, activities and information sessions to help acclimatise new international students to living and learning in the UK during the main University arrival period.

Registration and most of the activities are free (though there is usually a small £2-£10 charge for some of the optional coach trips and meals). IWP is primarily a social programme that allows students to settle in, make friends and get used to being in the UK and this complements your compulsory academic faculty induction and enrolment activities which also happen during this week.

We cannot emphasise enough how beneficial it will be to you to take part in the International Welcome Programme. Students who take this opportunity to get help in feeling settled and make friends, before they have to concentrate on their studies, have a much better chance of academic and social success. They also feel less homesick and are more likely to have a wide and rich experience during their time in the UK.

For September 2018 bookings – Please go to the booking form to secure your place. The International Welcome Programme will be emailed directly to participants prior to arrival and will be available to download from here once finalised. We recomend students book their flights to arrive between the 8th and 10th September.

The September 2017 and February 2018 IWPs were very successful with around 600 students taking part! Feedback from attendees showed that 100% of students recommend that new students should take part in IWP, as it makes their transition to the UK easier and they feel more supported.