February intake postgraduate course structure and working during study

Normally postgraduate courses are run over a 12 month period (September- September). However, the February start option means that you will be studying a 12 month postgraduate course over an 18 month period, with a break of 3.5 months during the summer vacation period.

The structure of these courses is as follows:

  • February – June: you will be expected to attend lectures and seminars
  • June – September: you will be expected to continue learning through self-directed study
  • September – December: you will be expected to attend lectures and seminars
  • January – April: you will be expected to work on your dissertation
  • Graduation date would be in July

If you take this course option then there will be three vacation periods during:

  • Christmas vacation (3 weeks over Dec/ Jan)
  • Easter vacation (3 weeks over March/ April)
  • Summer vacation (3.5 months between June- September)

More information about the working regulations that affect international students can be found on the following websites: