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Number of Students

  • Total student population: 33,584
  • EU student population: 1,030

There are currently 11 Croatian students studying at the University of South Wales.

Our students enjoy the high standard of living at relatively low cost that South Wales offers. The university has a friendly, safe and welcoming environment and benefits hugely from the location – surrounded by breathtaking scenery and impressive historical landscapes, boasting excellent transport links and the buzz of two dynamic Welsh cities.

The University will be travelling to Croatia during the year, join our USW International Office Facebook group to keep up to date with upcoming trips.

To find out information about obtaining a yellow card and working in the UK please visit this link

We hope you find the information for Croatian students useful. Please contact us if you have any questions or queries!

Fees and Scholarships



Please refer to our Undergraduate Fees and Funding page.


For the latest information, please check Postgraduate Fees and Funding page.

Entry Requirements

Foundation Entry Requirements

  • Successfully complete your Svjedodzba o Maturi – Certificate of Maturity with a 2.5 grade overall (including relevant subject if required).

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

  • Successfully complete your Svjedodzba o Maturi – Certificate of Maturity with a 3.5 grade overall (including relevant subject if required).
  • Holders of other qualifications, please contact us.

Postgraduate Entry Requirements

  • Baccalaureus/ Bacalaurea ( Bachelor Degree) Grade 3 or above
  • Diploma Vise Obrazovanje (Diploma of Higher Education)
  • Diploma Visoko Obrazovanje/Dimplomirani( Advanced Diploma of Higher Education)
  • Masters or Magistra
  • MBA – Applicants should have one of the above and ideally 1 year of work experience.

English Language

Proficiency in the English Language is essential for study at South Wales. Please refer to the English language certificates page.

Student Profiles

Vinko Jezercic studying Mechanical Engineering

Vinko Jezercic, from Zagreb in Croatia, is in the third year of the MEng Mechanical Engineering degree at USW.

Why did you choose to study Mechanical Engineering?
I would like to work ...


Sally-Anne Awcock

International Recruitment Officer

USW International,
University of South Wales,
Llantwit Rd,
Treforest, South Wales,
CF37 1DL

Telephone: +44 1443 654445
e-Mail: sally-anne.awcock@southwales.ac.uk


For information on the expected standards of service you can expect from the University’s recruitment agents, please contact the recruitment officer responsible for your region.

UniWorld Hrvatska

Zagreb Office:
Hebrangova 27/I
10000 Zagreb

Split Office:
Držićeva 8
21000 Split

Web: www.uniworld.hr

Country Manager: Tina Marasovic

Telephone:+385 989 092 726


Bože Milanovića 6
51000 Rijeka

Country Manager: Mirela Tomaić

Telephone:+385 95 912 64 51

Integral Croatia

Draškovićeva 4
10000 Zagreb

Telephone:+385 1 468 3381